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Human beings designate themselves points of orientation in time and space for preserving values. The one-time studio-home of József Egry is one of these points: a sacral venue of modern Hungarian painting.

A memorial place that has, for decades, been surrounded with especial regard, and distinguished from every-day places by having been canonized as a museum. We have invested it with special significance as we consider that the spiritual power and quality of the oeuvre linked to it elevates our human existence into a higher sphere. For an artist, it is professional recognition and responsibility — and, not least, motivation — to have their works in an environment like this. She began her art studies in Budapest,in the art circle led by Ádám Misch.

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Besides the educational and exciting programs provided by the art circle, it was the years spent at Ady Endre High School in Ráckeve, led by Miklós Losonczi, that had a great impact on her approach to art.

Having taken her degree as a teacher, she was teaching in schools both in the countryside and the capital city, holding drawing and art circles and giving lectures on art history. Starting from the s she was working in various art colonies. In contrast to her early figurative pieces, we now can see her landscapes mainly inspired by the lake and the backwater of Szigetbecse.

On the pictures there appears the reflection of the sky and the vegetation separated by a horizontal line, or, more generally, the basic structure of the lakeside landscape, all depicted with a personal tone. Her loose series of pictures, with a tone reminding of the spoken language, base the landscape experience on a characteristic color sound or color contrast.

The color patches and the tonal values of the coordinatively treated picture surfaces are pulsating horizontally and vertically, recalling the monotony of the landscape depicted. Depending on the light changes of the home work province of varese times of the day, the treatment of the material varies between dramatically contrasted and humidly blurred. The works done in acrylic or crayon virtually allow an insight into the creative process.

Both materials easily lend themselves to the brushwork resembling handwriting.

To achieve her goals, the painter does not hesitate to use the tools of modern and contemporary art, which originate from earlier stages of art history but have been accepted since then. Landscape, the inexhaustible treasury of opportunities for painters, has served as a starting point and motivator for the artistic program of countless masters of the painting art.

This discovery and recognition of the color patches and lines and their own inherent value has launched movements that are active and effective till this day.

What this sort of painting aims to utilize is the immediacy of the spoken language, the power of personal emotion and the force of the gesture of the painted picture. The artist Ádám Misch, the one-time art circle leader, had also opted for this type of painting, building his works on the articulated consonance of textural effects, freshly painted color patches and lines.

This is the formal foundation and aesthetic credo which MNK transforms into pictures, filtering it through her own personality.

home work province of varese

In the process of working, she reaches the balance of the factors belonging to different dimensions — such as the vibrating color and form combinations of the lakeside experience of Szigetbecse, the tactile impulses of the texture and the technology dictated by the paint, and the momentary personal dispositions of the psyche — through the motoric gestures of the creative impulse and the pleasures given by treating the materials.

György Mészáros Silvio Monti opening speechSacromonte-Varese Home work province of varese most prominent feature one may notice about the art of MNK is its vitality that is most conspicuous in her monochrome works, and which, in addition, I also like best of all. What impacts me as a nice and generous artistic gesture is the spontaneity that she uses to transform her momentary spiritual condition into pictures.

Her gestures give us an insight into the way how all artists must exist, which should not be interpreted as though I was flattering her, as she stands way above this level. We are not, of course, illustrators having to cater for the appeal of the public, but artists who are supposed to show our mental state as convincingly as she does through her artistic movements.

We are supposed to express our own self with convincing power. A gentleman named Socrates was once asked what creativity was, and he answered that it was the thing that shows itself only after the work has been completed.

This statement carries the truth. It is the all-embracing nature of her gestures that most grasp my interest about her art. She does not put up her brushstrokes based on a precisely designed concept, they are reflections of her frame of mind MNK should be seen as an artist who never presents us with a one-to-one image of reality, but felszerelési lehetőség us the contemporary condition sociale.

Csaba Kozák, Opening speech. Speaking clearly: her words are not from the Bible, the text just refers to the Bible. Nevertheless, divine creation is in pair with artistic creation, but there are several ways to interpret a work of art, as a professional colleague, an art critic or the spectator himself may do it.

home work province of varese

Many a time it contrasts with the original intention of the artist, but the essence of an authentic work is, over the aesthetic experience, to make us think, to stimulate us to interpret it. I can tell only my own version. The Creator could see the realization of his plan in advance, thus on the third day He created the fruits of the trees in order to be eaten by man, and this way the Fall tempted man by the apple.

Practically it is not important, that the title is intentional or it is only the game of the subconscious: by all means it makes us decode the text. However, the sub-titles of the series are telling: Metamorphoses is an unambiguous reference to man, created from nothing, while the Invocations, the Dialogue and the Dialogue Failed refer to the situation that there is some kind of dialogue between men, or they just fight with its absence.

After the title, let me mention some parameters concerning the technique, the material, the form, the world of colors of a kereskedelem szisztematikus megközelítése works, and last but not least the thematic, the intentional or hidden message of the artworks.

All these large and medium-sized works were executed on paper with acrylic paint and China-ink, and in some cases the artist applies both material within one surface. The way of representation is figurative, though one may find amorphous, abstract marks by the intentionally rough-and-ready, emblematic execution.

Man himself is the subject of the twenty-five black-and-white and colored works. Choice of the theme refers exclusively to the human figure. The black-and-white home work province of varese and the colored ones are exhibited in different rooms, though all these are about man. The figures form a group every time, sometimes only three of them make a sort of community, another time, similarly to the Apostles, there are twelve figures in the picture.

Well, in the human figures of Mrs. Nógrádi Magdolna Kiss there is fear and scare, but I dare see other features of these figures, too.

Ellenőrizze foglalása feltételeit

In our case the story is not about concrete actors, persons, but about man himself in general. Still they exist in the pre-phase of creation, they are not shaped yet, they are still formable. However, we can comprehend it the way, and I prefer this version, home work province of varese these figures, torsos are chatting, talking with each other, whatever their communication is about.

At the same time, they are grouping in vain, as silence and emptiness can be felt. The Lonely Crowd, written by David Riesman, published in in the USA, comes to my mind as this book has basically changed the course of sociology and social sciences.

The easily executed, sketch-like figures many times turn toward each other, bending in a form which reminds me of Gothic windows. It is not the bow of the head of the humiliated and conquered people, but rather the mark of respect, the gesture of love and salutation, a motion symbolizing the democratic acceptance of others. The large-sized black-and-white pictures and also the smaller ones make flash several shades between the two colors.

The arched, flexible posture of the body, the ball-shaped peak of shoulders and head are counterpointed by the rugged, angled shoulders and the vertical stripe-like lower and upper trunks. Therefore, by the puritan handling of colors, over the opposites of black-and-white, the counterpoint of the form is present as well. Execution is rapid, improvised, and it also refers to the smaller pictures, though in the latter case the actors are worked out more precisely.

Many times the vertical lines are combined with stains, spots, dots, amorphous islands. Many a time figures are standing like antique home work province of varese.

home work province of varese

The verticals, stretched longer than human dimensions, set together heaven and hell, the ethereal and earthly worlds. In some of the pictures the easily painted black contours are enriched with yellow, red, gray islands and splashes, spray-like, granular fields. And the evidence of the desire for unity, fusing, togetherness, cohesion also appear, while in the virtual space of the picture the hiding, covered figures can be permeable by transparency.

Body unites with another body, soul with another soul. Csillag Deák - Body language Important instruments applied by the works exhibited here are the language of body and gestures without facial expression eyes, looks ; gestures motions of the the hands, shoulders and the headbodily position and bearing the way one sits or stands ; the proximity of the bodies, and physical bodily motions.

The constructivist- surrealistic figures composed following a rhythm of colours abound in emotions, even if they are products of abstraction and their most powerful effect is monochrome.

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The figures of Magdolna Nógrádi Kiss are directed inwards, the decisive motive is that of the community. They receive a face, albeit an invisible one. The spacial logic of the artworks is the inward motion, assistance, acceptance, occasionally defiance and hindering, but the understanding of the other party can always be felt.

The simple, clear rhythm of the paintings, and the vividness of the relationships between the motives witness the tension implied in the message. The iconic figures are at the same time idol-like and individualised, possessing a distinctive bearing and a specific relationship in terms of space and time with one another.

The sacral momentum is emphasized by the lowered heads, as though their attention were captured by the shame or the intangible anxiety or fear of something undefined. The known world contradicts the unknown world here, in the way the figures are bending close to each other, giving protection and shelter for the other one. I am looking for a link to the predecessors.

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